Over 15,000 counterfeit knives seized featuring Batman and Marine Corp trademarks. 156,000 of lead tainted toys

The US Customs and Border Protection has made a few very large busts recently other then the 2015 Super Bowl seizures. The products that were seized had a high amount of lead and phthalates. They were all toys to be sold to kids.

Lead paint from China is nothing new. Back in 2007 there were major recalls of products that were made in China because of lead paint. It is not like factory’s and counterfeiters just stopped using it because of this. They still use lead and if you buy toys online from a site like eBay or Amazon, it may be fake and contain dangerous chemicals.

Dangerous toys

In a single shipment on 10 September 2014, CBP seized 156,565 toys that were exported from China. The toys were not counterfeit and did not have any brand images, but the US Consumer Product Safety Commission analyzed and determined they were containing lead above regulation. Current US regulation for lead use in products is no more then 0.009 per million. The toys also violated regulations for phthalates.

Counterfeit knifes

The same press release from CBP also showed that on 10 December 2014, two shipments from China were seized containing 15,004 knifes. These were counterfeit. The total retail value was at $187,962. Many trademarks were infringed including the Marine Corp, Batman and many others. Here is a picture of a counterfeit  knuckle knife with the Batman logo.

countefeit batman knuckle knife

What do you think? Leave a comment. I admit, I want the Batman knife.



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