4.65 million counterfeit condoms seized from factory

Counterfeit condoms are made all the time. Mostly are sold in developing economies such as China, and countries in Africa.

Recently a police raid in the Chinese province of Fujian resulted in 4.65 million counterfeit condoms packaged under popular brands such as Durex. These condoms failed quality tests and often had holes in them, or broke during use. Police also recovered 1100 pounds of material that was to be used in future production. The factory could output 20,000 condoms a day.

A ring of underground workshops producing millions of counterfeit brand-name condoms — including Durex, Contex and Jissbon — was busted by police in central and east China.

Cops confiscated 4.65 million already packaged prophylactics and another 1,100 pounds of unpackaged condoms were found at the scene.
In a dimly lit room in the countryside of southeast China’s Fujian province, dozens of workers were busy on a production line, lubricating the condoms when cops raided. The floor was piled high with the contraceptives, and according to police, the stench of the cheap oil lubricants was nauseating.

They were made very cheap too, and on a very large scale. They would cost 0.17 CNY(0.03 cents USD) to produce  and would sell for 1 Yuan (16 cents).

A policeman found this factory using his own time and research.

The racket was exposed in February when a policeman in Fujian province noticed that a store on Taobao.com, China’s most popular online shopping site, was selling ridiculously low-priced condoms. He bought a few to test, and they proved to be fakes. The police then traced the fake products from the online store to a network of underground workshops.

Good job police. Fake condoms can spread things like HIV. Unfortunately, this is all to common in China. There are dozens and dozens of factories in China that still make counterfeit condoms. Here is a news story on a bust of 35 million fake condoms that happened last year.

They are also exported all around the world. Here is a story about how  110 million sub-standard and counterfeit condoms were found in Ghana, imported all from the PRC. Or here with how Vietnam is having a condom crisis because of the large amount of counterfeits from China.



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