I have to admit, they did have a good sales strategy. Counterfeit Giorgio Armani sold by street hustlers

While I read many stories of people selling counterfeit merchandise, I hardly ever see any good sales strategy for those not selling on the internet. Most sellers just put the items in their store all call it good. They always get caught sooner or later after a mad customer reports them.

However this group had a unique strategy, a very convincing one.

The men pretend to be foreigners asking for directions. They pull over in an SUV near a bank or gas station while holding a map and act lost to passersby. Then, they try to peddle what they say is designer merchandise.

They go to has stations or banks as ATM’s are nearby. The sellers say they work for xyz company and are about to leave and cannot take all their merchandise on the plane. For helping them with directions, they offer you a nice discount on a luxury item. They would talk in a Italian accent to seem like they are from Italy  thus gives them credibility when they say they work for a company like Giorgio Armani

Since they were selling from their car, they did not have the risk of operating a brick and mortar store or have to sell in a flea market. This lowered their chance of getting caught. They can keep only a few items of inventory so even if they were caught, it would be such a low amount, no judge would even look at the case. They still have not been caught be law enforcement, however I am sure the reporters scared them a little. They probally took a few weeks off or re located to a new area to sell.




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