China’s Ministry of Public Security busts counterfeit ring selling 20,000 tons of fake salt

The Ministry of Public Security announced today that they have arrested 22 suspects across 7 Chinese provinces for being engaged in the manufacturer and sale of low grade industrial salt also known as “fake” salt.

The operation started late last year after local police in Taizhou city discovered salt for sale at a farmers market that was labeled “Beijing iodized salt refined salt”, however after testing of the salt, authorities discovered it had zero iodine and was very high in nitrites. During the next four months, investigators found extensive evidence of gang activity and organization behind the fake salt. Most of the salt was sold to local supermarkets, restaurant, and food processing factories. Police found their manufacturing factory on the outskirts of Beijing that produced the salt.

The heads of the gang owned several houses and cars. They were able to produce the salt at a cost of 400 ($64 USD) yuan and sold it for double the price at 800 yuan.

Picture above: Police guarding counterfeiting suspects



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