Counterfeit fruit enters Hong Kong breaking a 3 year void

The last time counterfeit fruit was found in Hong Kong was back in 2011 when boxes of fake watermelon were found. That 3 year streak has been broken.

After many consumer complaints of oranges tasting different and not looking like the usual brand, authorities investigated.

On April 23, Hong Kong Customs raided two fruit retailers in Yuen Long. They found 5200 oranges that were suspected of having fake labels. The total retail value is $90,000. A total of 8 people were arrested in the bust.

Now, you may ask how is this counterfeit? They are still oranges but with a different label. Well, if I fill a liter with oil and slap a Exxon Mobile logo on it, is that not trademark counterfeiting?

I am always checking my fruit and vegetables when I buy them from a store, usually looking for flaws. I usually prefer organic to non organic, but I will eat both. Sometimes I do wonder though if some stalls at farmer markets are really selling what they claim. What stops someone from buying fruit from a supermarket, and then putting a new label on them and claim organic and sell them at a 50% markup? Will I know?  The placebo effect can be strong. If the sticker says organic, you may believe it even it is not.



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