Counterfeit makeup can contain bad ingredients leading to breakouts, irritations and allergies

It seems these days you have to spend twice as much time researching products before buying. Once to find the right product, and second to make sure the product is not counterfeit. If you do not buy from a trusted source or take the time to do research to find one, you could end up with a product that can damage your face or body. The list can go on and on of counterfeit products that can harm you.

Here is our first post on the counterfeit makeup sector. As seen in the picture above, there are a lot of street and online sellers of fake cosmetics. Most people do not even know about these counterfeits or about makeup in general. I hardly know anything about makeup. The MAC brand is one of the most popular makeup companies, and with that comes the counterfeits.
“They’re highly pigmented makeup. They last you all day long,” said Holly Whitis, a professional makeup artist in Tampa who worked for MAC for three years. “Just the quality of it, the way it sits on your face,” makes MAC one of the most popular brands on the market. But that popularity has led to MAC products being increasingly counterfeited.

The I-Team has learned fake MAC items are turning up in Bay area flea markets, on Craigslist and on Facebook. “It could break you out. It could cause irritations, allergies that you may not know that you have,” said Whitis. The I-Team logged onto eBay and quickly found MAC makeup being sold by Tampa-based sellers.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Deputy Special Agent in Charge Shane Folden says many of the products sold there are not real. Folden says he can’t talk about ongoing investigations, but he confirms his agents are working to break up large-scale counterfeit makeup rings.

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