Counterfeiters are making the iPhone 6 before it is even released

Counterfeiters and their sellers never fail to amuse me with humor. From our story on counterfeit US flags made in China or how a man was selling fake DVD’s in front of a courthouse. But this one has got me, Chinese counterfeiters have made copys of the new iPhone 6, months before it is even released.

Taobao, a website that is part of the Alibaba network is already listing the new iPhone, however they label it as non working. Apple products are a status symbol in most developing economies. So even pretending you have one can get you places in the PRC. This is nothing new, the last iPhone that was released was also counterfeited. Sellers would take a 4s and put the parts in the new iPhone frame. Picture above is a fake iPhone that Jimmy Lin (Pop Star)  had acquired.

Talking to suppliers back when I ran my old business, they all told me how iPhones are a must in China. A lot of people will think you are rich if you have one, and if you are a male in China, being rich or looking rich can help because of  the gender ratio. I guess you do have to be rich to buy the real iPhone considering the average monthly salary in China is equal to the price of the new iPhone.
From Taobao

counterfeit fake iphone 6

Stores even sell them under different names. Kinda like when they open fake KFC stores, but label them KLC. Here is a iPncne 7:


counterfeit fake iphone


What do you think. Leave a comment. Are people going to far to look rich and cool by buying a counterfeit iPhone?



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