Counterfeits sold at a yard sale. Not currency, but products. Seller was in US illegally for 20 years

Recently four people were arrested at a 127 yard sale. They were accused of selling counterfeit goods.  The 127 yard sale is not a yard sale, but more of a flea market with many sellers. 

Xue Li, Lang Zheng and Li Zhengwang were caught setting up shop Saturday morning at the yard sale selling counterfeit goods including; Beats by Dre headphones, D&G purses, Under Armour shirts, Harley Davidson sweatshirts, and comic books.

Police also seized the two mens’ truck and trailer, but are waiting on a warrant to see what is inside.
What about the sellers?

Chances are they won’t have any jail time, or if they do it won’t be long. But one of them may be deported. Police Chief Chris Atkins says at least one of the men admitted to living in the U.S. illegally for around 20 years.

If you are living in the US for 20 years, I don’t see why would want to risk being deported by being caught doing something illegal. Since he was in the US for so long, chances are ICE would have not deported him, but now with this crime, he may just be.



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