They didn’t even try to hide the bad counterfeiting quality

While some counterfeiters produce very close replicas to the real item both in looks and quality, others don’t even try. Take for example this seller of fake Disney Frozen snap on bracelets. To make the snap part, the manufacturer cut up measuring tape. Then they put a graphic around the tape, and list a pack of 10 for £5.75 ($7.19 USD)  on eBay.

The Disney brand is one of the best selling out there. With the Frozen movie being a huge hit, many products of this brand are being sold this holiday season. If someone bought this bracelet to give as a gift, there were be two surprises. The gift itself, then the realization it is a horribly made counterfeit.

Here is what the product looks like:
fake frozen bracelets

The safety concerns of this product are the sharp metal corners from the measuring tape.

You don’t even need manufacturing equipment to make these. All you need is a ‘snap on’ type of material. You can find this from many manufacturers at very cheap prices. However, if you are trying to save money, like this seller, you just use old measuring tape. Then attach a printed graphic and sell.  These were sold at 0.71 cent each. So you can see how cheap these were made considering the seller had to mark up the price to profit.

Here is one seller on eBay.

ebay fake counterfeit frozen bracelets

The Frozen brand / Ella is set to be the biggest seller for Disney since Toy Story. So you can see how counterfeiters can’t ignore this. From a different story:

Hundreds of potentially dangerous fake Frozen toys from China seized at British port by trading standards officials. Almost 2,000 fake toys were found in one of the biggest hauls ever confiscated. They included 426 of Disney’s Frozen characters, this Christmas’ biggest toy. Sales of Frozen dolls and merchandise are to hit all-time high for any movie. The Frozen Snow Glow Elsa doll is already selling out in high street stores. Ebay traders are also cashing in at a 160 per cent mark up price on the dolls. The haul also included Christmas lights which could give electric shocks.



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