Finding and buying counterfeit Beats by Dre on Alibaba

You go to Alibaba and type in ‘Beats by Dre’. What do you get? No results related to the headphones. The same is true on all major Chinese wholesale sites. This was not so a few years back. Every Chinese site listed the headphones and they were easy to find. So are the listings for Beats gone or are they still there on Alibaba?

They are still there. All the counterfeiters did was change the tags and description so you can’t find it from search and they remove the brand image.  Change the search wording a little, and all the listings are there. This is a common tactic to use. By removing a brand image, a seller can say they are not selling branded material.

Here are many examples of how this works. These are just some of the tactics counterfeiters use to hide from software, and to comply with Alibaba “policies”.

Example 1: Change the name and tags. I typed ‘headphones logo’ into alibaba.

counterfeit beats alibaba
Example 2: Remove the brand image. I typed in ‘headphones oem’.

counterfeit beats alibaba

Example 3: Type in ‘headphones brand’ on dhgate. Another seller removing the brand image, thus the seller can claim they are not selling Beats.

counterfeit beats alibaba

Example 4: From Aliexpress, which is owned by Alibaba. I typed in ‘designer headphones’.

counterfeit beats aliexpress

Here are a bunch more results from aliexpress. Using the same keywords as above ie: headphones oem, headphones brand, headphones designer, etc… Blurring out the image.

counterfeit beats aliexpress

Here are the reviews from the seller above. The Russian is translated as ‘very happy’

counterfeit beats aliexpress
counterfeit beats aliexpress
counterfeit beats aliexpress

I could list these on and on. These are just some of the sellers that list. Go around Alibaba and send a message to any head phone seller, and they will sell Beats by Dre to you. Just because they do not list them, does not mean they do not sell them.  These are highly popular headphones and as a result are heavily counterfeited. And easy to sell.

Take for example my blog post where I discuses how someone I knew made over $2,000 in profit selling fake Beats with less then 5 hours of work.



    • Hi Sam,

      Great find. That is what this whole post was about.

      As for your question, I cannot say for sure as each seller is different. Those seem pretty cheap for a counterfeit. The usually price for a counterfeit Beat is around $40. The reviews however suggest they are okay.

      When we did our last test comparing real and fake beats(March 2014), we came to the following:

        The headphones(over the head) were very close to the real thing. Most of the people we sampled could not tell the difference.

        The in ear headphones(ipod style) were horrible. No matter who we sourced them from, they had horrible sound. They average around $1 for a counterfeit. That is why they are bad. I have yet to find a good in ear Beat.

      Our 2015 post comparing the two should be out either this month or next. Right now I am finishing my OtterBox Counterfeit Guide, then Beats by Dre are next. If you would like to see our report when it comes out, please subscribe to our research via the newsletter on the right side navigation bar.


  1. Dude, I cannot find any of the beats on alibaba after searching for hours. Could You Please provide me with the links to Beats Studio Wireless or Beats Solo Wireless clones.. PLEASE REPLY


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