Hershey blocks British company Cadbury from exporting chocolate to the US.

Recently Hershey has blocked the company Cadbury from sending its products to the US due to trademarks that Hershey owns and the claim that Hershey has the right to manufacturer the chocolate in the US.

Another interesting story is how a British shipping company is booming in sales because of this ban. It is not illegal to sell to customers directly. The ban from England only effects retailers from importing the goods.

Jolly Goods delivers custom chocolate gift boxes to people outside the UK. The US is one of its biggest markets.

“Our initial reaction was shock and worry,” the 26-year-old told Business Insider UK. “We then decided to research into the agreement and realised that there was a big opportunity.”

In an interview with The Telegraph, Barton-Ward said the Jolly Goods website averaged about 100 unique hits a day before the Hershey announcement. Since then, the company has seen traffic to its website surge to over 8,000 hits a day, resulting in the highest number of orders since the site was launched in May 2014, the director told BI UK.



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