I am bringing a lawsuit against the US Government for losses in revenue that occurred during the shutdown

I knew when the government shutdown was not resolved in the first week, it would start to effect my business sales. It was not until now that I realized the true number. It was just not me. Many other businesses owners I know suffered a sales decrease for the month, and many others have said they want a lawsuit. This was the first shutdown I was alive for. Well I was here for the 1995 government shutdown, but I was only a few years old when that happened.

It was about in the middle of the first week that I saw the effect of the shutdown. Since after a week everyone gave up trying to figure out or hoping for a budget to be passed, many tightened their spending. Government workers who got furloughed or thought they might stopped spending as much as they did. This had a chain reaction all throughout the business world. As my sales declined I myself stopped spending as much as I did on inventory and other business purchases or expenses. This only continued the chain reaction. After three weeks, my Chinese suppliers were wondering when I would buy again, and many told me they had a sharp decrease in sales from the US. Each week I was like, “This week they will pass a budget”, and each week they did not. I had no idea when the shutdown would stop. It was a bad time too as the holiday season was only a month away and if the shutdown continued it would ruined all retail businesses, as the holiday season is where we make the bulk of our money.
Break down of my sales

amazon 2013

As you can see in October my business took a big hit. The month is usually a very good month as the holiday season is very close. However because of the shutdown I suffered a almost a 30% decline in sales. It had everything to do with the US Government, and that is why I am suing them for $10k to make up for the loss. I could have done a lot with that money. That is around 10,000 new cell phone case I could have bought.

For the year 2012, I sold 240k worth of products. In the month of October 2012, I made $17,800 in revenue, up 5% from the month before. So a year before when I had half the inventory I had in 2013, I made the same exact sales. That is what the US Government shutdown did to me. They caused a huge monthly decline, and a zero gain for year over year sales.



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