The irony. Counterfeit American flags made in China appear in the US.

I have to admit, when I first saw this new story about fake American flags made in China and being sold in the US I kinda laughed. It was so ironic. It is also sad.

You ask how can someone counterfeit a flag? Who owns the design? These flags were a special type and were made in the US. They are of a higher quality then your dollar store flags. They are also branded. They are one of the most popular brands that sell flags. With this comes the counterfeiters. This one seller imported 27 pallets of the counterfeit flags.

Operation Bogus Stars & Stripes

Huntington Park Police started the investigation following a tip from Annin Flagmakers company. The police went undercover as a ppotentialbuyer. They met with the sellers of the counterfeit flags and bought some. From there they send them to Annin for authentication. The company found them to be fake.
The seller, who name was not released, was 27 years old and lived in Los Angeles. He imported 27 pallets, which you can see in the picture below. The retail value of these flags was estimated to be around $340,000.

The pallets must have just arrived as they are not even open.

counterfeit fake annin flags

There are no pictures of the fake flags, and I wish I could see one. Like all counterfeits, material and manufacturing is below the real item. Would these flags have 52 stars? Would they be missing a stripe. The police have not released much pictures.

Here is a review from Amazon detailing a counterfeit buy.

This is just one of many.

countefeit annin flag amazom

What do you think? Can there be anything more ironic? Leave a comment.



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