ISIS attacks Iraqi forces with bombs dropped from drone – Video



    Today, the Islamic State (IS) released a new video titled “Knights of Diwan” from the Ninawa Province.

    The video contained the usual propaganda about how great life is under IS, combat footage and SBVIED attacks.

    What was most catching about the new video was the last 6 minutes. IS has equipped small bombs (most likely a 40mm grenade) to their drones and have demonstrated that this weapon is very accurate. In comparison here is Hezbollah’s drone attacks from last year.

    While the beginning of the video shows a fixed-wing drone, the actually drone dropping the explosive is a quad-copter.


      • It is not CGI. Strapping a explosive to a drone and video taping it is not a break through in tech. Hezbollah did the same thing a few months ago.

    1. Fuck these dumb cunts. I was raised a pacifist but I would take pleasure in sending any and all ISIS goat fuckers to the promised land pronto. They can fuck off and die

    2. Remote controlled aircraft, sweet set up a radio jamming post, switch it on and watch the thing drop out of the sky. Not much of a threat in all honesty, hope the soldiers on the ground already acted on this most simple but effective of counters. If im not mistaken a common military radio can do this in the right hands, talk to your local sigs officer.

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