Islamic State video of Humvee with bridge used against Kurds. 1 Navy Seal KIA in battle.



    Charles Keating was a US Navy Seal who was killed in combat fighting the Islamic State on May 3, 2016 in northern Iraq while assisting the Kurdish Peshmerga force.

    The Peshmerga dug a defensive trench to stop vehicles from getting to their defensive positions. This usually stops Islamic State fighters from crossing and forces the battle at the trench.

    The collapse of Iraqi security forces in 2014 left behinds tons of equipment that the Islamic State captured. Over 2000 Humvees were taken. It also appears from this new video release that portable bridges that can be connected to these vehicles were also taken from Iraqi forces.

    The death toll caused by captured US equipment given to the Iraqis is quite large.

    About the attack that lead to Keating’s death:

    At 7:50 a.m. on Tuesday, Iraq time, a “troops in contact” alert was received by the quick reaction force that included Charles Keating IV. He and his team sped toward the village of Tel Askuf, where fellow SEALSs and Kurdish peshmerga fighters they had been advising had come under attack. Some 125 ISIS fighters had suddenly appeared in a convoy of 20 vehicles that included armored Humvees, truck bombs, a bulldozer and a portable bridge that enabled them to storm across a defensive trench.


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