Just bought a Xbox 360 controller. My experience with a counterfeit seller on eBay

Yeah I know, I am a system behind. I still have a 360. I hardly play it anymore, so I found no reason to buy the new console. However I did have to buy a new controller as my old one was damaged when a drink was spilled on it. I decided to head over to eBay to buy one as a listing there was for a few dollars cheaper then Amazons and Best Buy. Usually I can tell withing a second if a listing is counterfeit or not, but this time I did not even bother to look when I was buying. Not only that, but the picture and title suggested it was a real listing.

It seems I was not the only one who has had a problem with the company “N&K TRADING INC”, or as they go on eBay “gaingame-outlet“. Their BBB score is a F, and a search of the company name turned up many websites discussing the seller defrauding them through counterfeits and other methods. The controller I bought from the seller was a 3rd party controller. That is not why I am mad or any other buyers. We are mad because the seller listed the  item as a real controller. No where in the listing does it say, not official controller, or third party controller. It states “New Black Wireless Game Remote Controller for Microsoft Xbox 360 Console. That is implying that it is a real Xbox 360 controller. They are using Microsoft’s trademark to sell their product. Not only that, but the controller is the same as the real one, minus the logo. 
Here is the product listing:

xbox counterfeit controller


Now here is a real one:

As you can see there are only two differences. The grey d-pad, and the Xbox logo at the center. So when I was buying, I saw the title, which said it was for the Xbox, and the picture looked just like the real one. Since I do not spend a lot of time shopping to make sure my purchases are not counterfeits, I assumed it was real. I got the package a few weeks later, as the company ships from China. The controller was about a 1/3 the weight of a real controller, and the main joystick did not work.

So I do what I always do when I get a counterfeit, I file a charge back. The seller has a complete history of selling counterfeits. I have reported him to eBay, and so did dozens of sellers according to forum posts, but the company still allows him to list and sell. The seller even claims they have 100 employees here in the US, but the reality is they are a company selling directly from China with a few employees.
Here is there F grade from BBB:N&K Trading Inc BBB

This is why we fight over here at Stigma Search. It is why I fight. These counterfeiters stole so much money from my last business, just like they do for any business that owns any intellectual property. The eBay seller has been accused from selling counterfeits ranging from batteries to flashlights. I will continue fight this seller, as eBay refused to shut down his store. Mostly because no trademark holder has sent them a letter to do so. eBay does not care about customer complaints when dealing with counterfeits. They want to hear from the brand owner. So I am writing these owners and letting them know this seller is ripping them off and getting away with it.

Have you been scammed by gaingame-outlet? Leave a comment below with your story. I would love to hear it.



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