You know your brand is successful when it is counterfeited. Grimaldi Pizza edition

Never heard of the company myself as I am located on the opposite of the country, but it seems Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is a very popular place to eat. So popular it has 40 chains so far. What else comes with this success? Counterfeiters.

Recently Grimaldi’s management found out that their restaurant has been copied almost word for word, picture for picture in China. To top that off, it was done by a ex-employee of the company.

Well Grimaldi, I would like to welcome you to the success list! Even though you had already 40 chains and that is enough to say the brand is successful, the true measure is when you have to fight counterfeits.
If counterfeiters are not making a fake one, it means you are not profitable enough.  Pictured above is a opening of a new Grimaldi Pizza Restaurant.

Grimaldi’s pizza made in China?The owner of the renowned Grimaldi’s Pizzeria brand is accusing a former employee and his business partners of conspiring to open a “counterfeit” restaurant in Shanghai.

The trademark infringement suit filed by JMC Restaurant Holdings in Brooklyn Federal Court doesn’t allege customers eating the Far Eastern version of the sublime brick-oven pies will be hungry one hour later.Rather, the foodies in China will be “confused” and “deceived” by the pilfered pizza brand name, the suit alleges.

JMC owns the Grimaldi Pizzeria trademark.The Patsy Grimaldi’s in Shanghai features similar signage to the Brooklyn original and the wall is adorned with photos of defendant Marcelo Pevida alongside celebrities.

A Grimaldi’s menu is allegedly copied almost word for word.The suit describes Pevida and his partner Jia Juo Tao as the owners of restaurants and nightclubs in Brooklyn. Via nydailynews

We will update this post when there is a update on the case.



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