La Salada is the capital market for counterfeits in South America


The US government has just added Argentina along with 11 other countries that effect the US economy the most though counterfeit sales. The place, La Salada(Argentina), is said to be South America’s largest place for counterfeit merchandise and other black market products. The mall is also a farmers market, and a lot of vendors sell local and legitimate merchandise, however the sale of pirated goods and products that infringe on US trademarks and copyrights are rampant in the mall.

La Salada is so large that it is difficult to fight counterfeits

The mall has over 30,000 stalls selling products. With this large number, police action against sellers is very rare. There is police activity, but not large enough to make a dent in the mall. The amount of counterfeits is so large, the European Union has called it the biggest illegal market in the world.

Police enforcement is a joke though

While the police make arrests here and there to say they are fighting the counterfeit sellers, it is not serious. Sellers feel so safe in selling fake goods openly, the give interviews to local press with their names and what they are selling.

Large amount of foot traffic

Being one of the largest malls in the world, many people from neighboring counties visit the mall. There are buses that are dedicated to bring shoppers back and forth from Paraguay and Uruguay.
Does this adding to the US Notorious help or hurt? Alibaba and Mexico’s Pulga Rio are examples. 

Well it hurts the market location, that is for sure. In this case, La Salada mall will suffer. Every time a place or company is added to the list, they act fast. Alibaba was removed after a year. The company spend massive amounts of money to remove counterfeit listings. Removal from the list was Alibaba’s top priority as the company was trying to list its shares on the US stock market.

Mexico’s Pulga Rio market was removed shorty after getting added. It was originally added in 2012 to the list after it became a major outlet for counterfeit products and the fact the police were not successful in stopping counterfeit goods from being sold there. Following these setbacks, police in Mexico increased the effort to control the markets in Pulga, and in 2013, the Pulga Rio market was removed from the US Notorious List.

Will La Salada do the same and act to get these sellers removed? It does not seem so. They are planning on creating another sister mall just like it.



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