The last growth market is under attack from counterfeits. Microsoft battles fake phones in Africa.

We have detailed many times the struggle that most African countries have trying to secure seeds and stopping counterfeit ones. 

Africa has been described as the last growth market in the world, and as a result many large brands have set their sights on the countries that make up the continent. Microsoft is one of those, and like the last growth market(China), Microsoft is battling counterfeits.

Microsoft is speaking out publicly to push African government officials to step up efforts to halt the influx of cheap, counterfeit handsets coming into the region from Asia.

The counterfeit devices, typically carrying logos of brand-name companies, are taking a significant portion of the phone market away from legitimate manufacturers, according to David Efanga, manager Nokia Care Service Channel West and Central Africa. Microsoft this year closed its deal to acquire phone maker Nokia.

Microsoft wants a halt to imports of counterfeit handsets because are were chewing into the company’s business, Efanga said.

Most of the phones coming from China into Africa are not licensed by the governments in the region and reportedly use smuggled chips. They carry no verification from China’s Ministry of Industries and Information and have fake International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) codes.

Only one country, Kenya, has so far been able to stop counterfeit chips from being enabled on its network. All the other countries Microsoft has on its list has not been successful in stopping counterfeit phones from using the wireless cell network. This is because these networks are partly owned by Chinese companies, and well, they do not care that much about Microsoft’s problems.



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