Man pulls huge scam selling perch fish as sea bass in Iceland. Over 400,000 fish were packaged worth $1.7 million. Gets 6 months

You can consider this part II of our previous post: Why your company’s supply chain should be checked from time to time.

This is one of the largest food scams I have seen. Most of the time they are small scale and found fast. I guess go hard or go home. No reason not to when you get a 6 month jail term if you are caught.  Recently a chef that used to be part of the Royal Navy has been found to have purposely mislead consumers by selling very cheap Oriental Perch disguised as Sea Bass.

The reason behind this scam is because of how much money can be made selling fake Sea Bass.
From The Telegraph:


In 2011, an agreement was reached whereby Kirwin Brothers Ltd would supply Iceland Foods Ltd in sea bass to enable it to market the product at Iceland Food Stores under its own brand name.

The lies start:

Judge Richardson told Redhead: “Dr Robert Holmes- Henderson made it clear that only sea bass may be sold as sea bass – nothing else will do.

“Chinese sea bass and Japanese sea bass you are not permitted to sell as sea bass.

“Japanese sea bass is actually part of the perch species.”

Redhead then sent a “bogus email” from an employee of his, informing Kirwin Brothers the opposite of what he was told.

Amount sold:

Between 2012 and last year, almost 400,000 packs of the wrongly labelled fish, worth more than £1.1 million, were sold at 600 Iceland outlets across the country.

The Judge was so mad at Redhead for the lies with the email, deceiving the public that he gave him a very harsh jail term(sarcasm):

The bogus email makes it a particularly serious aggravating feature relating to the fact that you were instrumental in deceiving the public about food during a period of time there is considerable public concern about the origin and correct identification of food products.

“Public confidence has been and will be seriously undermined by your fraudulent conduct.”

Jailing Redhead for six months, Judge Richardson said: “The circumstances of this case plainly warrant a custodial sentence for you, Mr Redhead, as you were the controlling force within your company.

Will customers get there money back? I doubt it, but the court got paid a £50,000 by fining Redhead.

What do you think? Leave a comment. Should he be sent to jail for a longer time.



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