OtterBox has redesigned their packaging with a new look and graphics. How long until counterfeiters copy it?

OtterBox has come out with a new design for its packaging in 2015. There are only a few differences between the new and old look. The cases are designed the same, it is just the retail packaging they come in that is different.  Here is a look at the old and new design:

new and old otterbox design packaging

There are only a few other differences. The back is different and two of the sides.  As you can see, all OtterBox did on the back was add the word “protection” to the end of each word.

new and old otterbox design packaging back
Side 1:

new and old otterbox design packaging side

And on this side, you can see OtterBox decided to make use of the blank space.

new and old otterbox design packaging side 2
The new packaging comes in different designs depending on which model and protection you bought:

new otterbox packaging 2015

I personally like the old look. I liked the green/yellow scheme for the Defender and the grey/yellow for the Commuter. But the new design is not that bad.

Only one question, how long until counterfeiters copy this new design. Currently, at the time of this post, no counterfeits exist with this new design. I will update this post once my contacts in China inform me new fakes are out.



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