How to tell if counterfeit: OtterBox Defender for iPhone 5

UPC: 660543026860

Counterfeits look so much like the real thing, there are only a few details that are different.

The front of the packaging.

There is no difference except what is circled. They are very close, but are different.

otterbox real fake iphone 5 retail packaging front

The green bar at the bottom is slightly different. Counterfeits have a different shade of green. It may be hard to tell from the picture though.

Check out the QR Code too. Fakes usually have the wrong code. Scan it and see where it goes. It if goes to the wrong product, it is fake.

Notice the OtterBox logo at the top. Some counterfeits have a darker Otter. Most counterfeits have fixed this, but some still show it.

otterbox logo real fake counterfeit
Now to the bottom of the packaging:

otterbox real fake iphone 5 retail packaging bottom

Two ways to tell here. If your case has bold font on the right side, it is counterfeit. Another way to check is by entering the UPC code online. If it goes to a different model, it is fake. However, some counterfeits have the right UPC code.

For the case itself, there is only one difference. Notice the real one has two borders around the factory time stamp, while the fake only has one.

otterbox real fake iphone 5 retail case front

otterbox real fake iphone 5 retail case front 2


If your OtterBox matches any of the counterfeit signs here, it is fake. Counterfeits will show at least one flaw.

Still not able to tell if your case is real or not? Leave a comment and I try to help you.

Common mistakes:

1.) Real OtterBoxs do not show flaws and counterfeits do. 

I have had many brand new, non-counterfeited cases show major flaws to the design. I have also had many fake cases with perfect design.

2.) You can tell by how dark the Otter appears underneath the logo. 

All new counterfeits that I have gotten in late 2014 and eary 2015 have fixed this. Now fake ones match the design perfectly.

3.) Counterfeit cases do not have a serial and real ones do.

That is halfway true. I have not seen a single counterfeit OtterBox that has a serial number. The thing is the vast majority of real OtterBoxs do not have one either. We have over 50 different OtterBox models. Only Samsung’s Note 4 and Galaxy S5 have serial numbers. The iPhone 6 plus sometimes has a serial. So if your case does have a 11 character serial, it is real. Once I see counterfeits having them, I will update this note.


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