How to tell if counterfeit: OtterBox Defender for Samsung Galaxy S5

UPC: 660543032229

Counterfeits look so much like the real thing, there are only a few details that are different.

The easiest way to tell:

For Samsung Note 4, Galaxy S5 Wallet, and Galaxy S5, there is a serial number on the back of the hard case. As of this post, no counterfeits have this serial number.

otterbox serial number location
The serial number is always on the hard back piece. Just in a slightly different spot depending on the model.

While that way is the best way to tell, there are other ways to see if your case is counterfeit. In the event counterfeiters start using the serial number, here are some other ways to tell:

The front of the packaging.

There is no difference except the color bar which is circled. They are very close, but are different.

Also notice the trademark sign on the fake one. Real ones do not have ‘TM’. However not all fakes one have this sign.

otterbox defender real coutnerfeit samsung galaxy s5 retail packaging front

Close up of the colors:

otterbox defender color bar

The design of the logo used to be different, but new counterfeit designs have it the same as the real one. However some fake ones still show a darker counterfeit logo:

otterbox logo real fake counterfeit

Check out the QR Code too. Fakes usually have the wrong code. Scan it and see where it goes. It if goes to the wrong product, it is fake.


The rest of the packaging shows no difference between the fake one and real one.

The front of the case:

Notice the different background between the two.

otterbox defender real coutnerfeit samsung galaxy s5 case front


If your OtterBox matches any of the counterfeit signs here, it is fake. Counterfeits will show at least one flaw.

Did this guide help you? Please rate or share. Still not able to tell if your case is real or not? Leave a comment and I try to help you.

Common mistakes:

1.) Real OtterBoxs do not show flaws and counterfeits do. 

I have had many brand new, non-counterfeited cases show major flaws to the design. I have also had many fake cases with perfect design.

2.) You can tell by how dark the Otter appears underneath the logo. 

All new counterfeits that I have gotten in late 2014 and eary 2015 have fixed this. Now fake ones match the design perfectly.


  1. Wasn’t even aware there were counterfeits being sold.
    I do now. I bought one for my S5.
    Obviously it’s not Otter Box’s responsibility to replace counterfeits. I paid cash for it so I can’t really do anything about it.
    Packaging look legit.
    Can steer you in the right direction as far as possibly stopping future sales from this vendor.

    • Hi Doug,

      Sorry to hear you bought a fake one. There is not much you can do to get your money back since you paid with cash. If you used a credit card, it would have been really easy. Can you let me know where you bought it from? I will look into this for you. You still may be able to get your money back.

  2. It seems I purchased a counterfeit on I used a credit card. How is it easy to get your money back? I bought it in December. Thanks for the article. I had no idea I wasn’t buying genuine gear. I paid as much as…

  3. I bought one from Amazon for Galaxy s5 . The packaging is different from the ones you show. “for/pour Samsun GALAXY S5” yellow sticker on lower part of packaging. Does this mean it’s a fake – because there is a sticker? It has the serial # sticker. Can I send the packaging to Otterbox to see if they can tell me if its a fake? Thanks.


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