Prison time for repeat counterfeiter. He was just trying to run a family business. Operation Big MAC comes to a end

For years, Jorge Robles, his ex-wife Ana Del LaMota, and their daughter Rossy Robles of Edison, New Jersey ran a family business selling counterfeit make up. Mostly the brand MAC. Authorities have been watching and investigating them for years getting evidence in a operation code named “Big MAC” and arrested them on December 22, 2014. The operation was done by  operation by DHS, USPS and NJ’s Treasury Department.

Counterfeit MAC makeup is nothing new. I usually write a story on it every few months after someone new is sent to court or a company is sued for selling fake MAC, like Target

The group imported their products from China. Shocker I know. According to the press release by Middlesex County, the group imported hundreds of pounds of counterfeit cosmetics. While the court did not release the full number, the prosecutor said they sold hundreds of thousands of dollars both online and at retailers. When they were arrested, police found 2,000 counterfeit items, and $22,000 in cash.

The daughter, feeling some entrepreneur spirit also ran a online store separate from the one above.

Jorge, because he pleaded guilty to selling counterfeits, was sent to five years in state prison. Ana was put on probation for three years and has to pay a restitution. The amount will be decided later. Rossy will be sent to a Pre Trail Intervention program.

Will Jorge be back at it again after he is released?



  1. Now I see why you have no traffic on this site. You have no sources on this story. I followed this story very close because i know the family. Repeat offender? They didnt not disclose an amount because it was not significant enough to put some one in jail for 5 years. Nevertheless, You’re just one more failed wannabe journalist. Add some sources maybe you be more credible.


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