Quitting while the road is hard. George Washington edition

Greatest president ever, Ill have what he’s drinking. He was the creator and leader of the US Army, and one of those rare people in history who step down from power. King George called him the greatest man who ever lived because he gave up his command and returned power to Congress. Many wanted him King, but he did not want that, and he created a republic that has lasted for over 200 years. But that is not what this post is about. It is about the huge challenge Washington had during the was against the British.
Long before the British surrendered at Yorktown in 1783, the Continental Army was in retreat and hiding in the forest known as Valley Forge. The British occupied all the major cities in the north; New York, Boston and Philadelphia. There was no logistics for the army, and supplies were so low most of the time the army just took livestock and food by force from the civilians and gave them worthless currency in exchange. Washington’s army was facing desertion during that winter, and on top of that the winter was one of the worst that was seen for decades.

The average person would have quit the job as General long before the retreat into Valley Forge. 99% of people would have quit when they were in that forest freezing and starving and at the same time having to fight the worlds most powerful military. So what would have happened to the future of the US, and the world if Washington just gave up then when everything was against him. Instead of taking it as a challenge, he could have gave up and asked for amnesty from England and retire to his farm on Mount Vernon. Instead he fought on and changed the world forever. He did not stop because he was tired and wanted to go home to see his wife. He did not stop because it was cold and people were leaving him.

So how would the future be different because you gave up? Everyone gets tired, everyone has setbacks. Everyone at one time or another have a job they don’t like. Instead of giving up and throwing in the towel, take it as a challenge. Think of it as a test. If you can pass these obstacles, you will get a reward. After that winter, Washington’s army won the battle of Saratoga, which was a major defeat for the British. The French joined in the war after seeing that it is possible for a rag tag rebel army to defeat the world global superpower.



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