Quitting while the road is hard. One of my favorite motivational stories

I really do not need much motivation these days. Just checking my sales and revenue keep me motivated to work and grow my business. However I do from time to time come across videos on the internet that I wish I had saw before, or videos that I feel are still worthy to watch for anyone no matter what level of success you are at. I first saw this video back in 2011 when it went viral, and I still think it is one of the most powerful motivational videos out there. The video features a “student” athlete doing exercises on the beach with the voice of Eric Thomas in the background.

Eric Thomas, who goes by ET the hip hop preacher makes very good motivational videos. I would recommend the playlist featuring season 3, and 4. Those were the best ones he made in my opinion. His new stuff is either lacking, or as I said before I really do not need motivation these days, so that is why his new videos to not work for me.



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