Quitting while the road is hard. Stephen Hawking and Helen Keller

This is just a quick post. Nothing long. I just wanted to point out two very unique people who’s body crippled them but did not cripple their will or mind. Case in point is Helen Keller. We all remember her from high school right? Almost every school made you read about her at least once. If you do not know who she is, I recommend at least to read her bio. She was born both blind and dear. Do you realize that. She could not speak a single word because she had never heard a sound before, or seen a letter. Yet by the time she died she had learned how to read and write. She got a degree from a college and went on to do many public speaking gigs. It took a huge amount of will and energy for her to get over her disabilities. Even when she first learned about how she was different from everyone else, she could have given up realizing that to read, write and speak were near impossible.

Another person who comes to mind is Stephen Hawking. He was born with no disabilities but later in his life he developed Lou Gehrig‘s disease. Doctors told him he would die within months. He did not though. He became confined to a wheelchair and can only move his eye muscles. 99% of people would give up on life then. Every part of his life is dependent on someone else. He cannot do anything himself except what he can do in his mind. And that is what he does. He did not stop thinking about the universe. He does insane mathematics in his head, and still is one of the world’s leaders in the field of science.



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