Replacing your car’s tires? Watch out for counterfeit ones. If you are able to that is

Repairing and maintaining a vehicle is already expensive and time consuming. You also have to deal with finding a honest mechanic, which is the hardest part.  Auto parts are heavily counterfeited, and unless you know what you are looking at, chances are you won’t even know you are using a counterfeit part for your car. Well until something bad happens.  A few weeks ago, we reported on a story about counterfeit air bags that when deployed, shoot shrapnel to your face.  What dangers do these fake tires pose, and what is the best way to avoid accidental buying one?

What is the most dangerous part of fake tires? The fact that you can’t tell the difference unless you put the tire under tests.

“Many of our molds went missing … we have no idea who may have made these tires nor what they put in them.”

That quote was from API’s chief operating officer. API owns the Pegasus brand of tires. Luckily no one has been hurt by these tires, and if they were, it would be very hard to sue the company.
Unfortunately, since these tires look so real, it is easy for them to get into the supply chain. No one knew that these counterfeit tires were on the market until a annual tire test by Consumer Report happened.

The three SUV tires that performed the worst are all manufactured in China, including the Pegasus Advanta SUV which seemed like a bargain at $95 a tire.

Consumer Reports bought the tires from the website Its president says the tires came from an importer.

“We contacted the importer and several government agencies and unfortunately no one is really owning responsibility,” said Stockburger. “That leaves the consumer little recourse should something go wrong.”

Source: Consumer Reports





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