Who says manufacturing is dead in the USA?

While it is a common belief that the US is no longer the #1 manufacturer in the world even though it still is, the top counterfeiting country belongs to China.

But patriot’s (sarcasm) like Pardeep Malik and Hamant Mullick of Franklin Square did not want to import counterfeit products from the PRC, instead they wanted to manufacturer these products here in the good ole USA. One of the brand owners who’s items were being counterfeited says this was one of the largest counterfeit factory  in the US.

This was not your common t-shirt or dvd factory. The counterfeiters made all types of items from  lip balms to shampoos. Those items are made with chemicals, but counterfeiters have to use a cheaper substance to counterfeit the item thus making it cheaper then the real thing. With this comes danger such as fires. That is exactly how these two were caught.

 The brothers’ alleged scam was uncovered when Valley Stream Fire Department officials were following up on a fire investigation and found what looked like a counterfeiting operation. Then manufacturers confirmed the products were fakes. The products were sold to distributors in New York, Pennsylvania and Florida. According to Rice’s office, “The distributors appear to be selling primarily or exclusively to smaller, independently-owned stores rather than large corporate chains.”

Authorities needed four tractor-trailers to remove $2 million worth of fake items from brands like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Procter and Gamble, and Unilever, including ChapStick, Johnson’s Baby Oil, Vicks VapoRub, Vicks Inhaler, Vaseline and Always sanitary pads. Items like over-the-counter cold medication were found at the counterfeiting location, but it’s unclear if they were made there. Via gothamist

Not only did they want to bring manufacturing back to the US, but they also did it very good. 

“These products were done with a level of professionalism that is absolutely frightening.”

While importing from China would have been less risky, there is also less profit in that. Perhaps the downfall of these two brothers was the greed.



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