Selling counterfeit DVDs in front of a courthouse. Man caught just doing that. What was he thinking?

Recently a man was caught selling counterfeit DVDs in front of a courthouse. The question is did he have a strategy, did he not care, or was not thinking right?

The possible thinking is that the police would not suspect a crime would be committed so close to their building, so the seller thought the police would leave him alone. Or did he just have guts and not care about being caught.

Travis Townsend, 27, was spotted selling the DVDs in front of the Hamilton County Courthouse on Monday afternoon.

Deputies said they found 221 counterfeit DVDs in Townsend’s backpack, along with an iPod Touch that had been reported stolen.

Townsend is being held on charges of receiving stolen property and trademark counterfeiting.

Leave a comment on what you think. Did he have a strategy and plan that failed? I mean if I saw someone selling DVDs on the street, I would say with it is close to 100% that they are fake. If they were real, you would not have to peddle them on the street.



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