Super Bowl 2015 counterfeit edition. $12 million in goods seized at DHL facility

Last year we saw $22 million in fake merchandise seized. This year was not as big, but still pretty large. While the game draws a huge audience, and with that money, the TSA have been actively watching for counterfeit Super Bowl goods this year like no other. They joined the security of the arena and looked at vendors, online stores, and increased inspections for packages that may contain clothing.

This time the goods were seized at a DHL sorting facility in Cincinnati from over 700 separate shipments. There was no single group like last year. The question is, how much packages did they miss?

Amount seized: 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection interdicted nearly 700 shipments of counterfeit merchandise valued at $12 million as part of a Super Bowl XLIX focused operation conducted on Jan. 26-29 at the DHL facility in Cincinnati.

No one was arrested and there are no investigations at the moment. The $12 million is not the cost to manufacturer, but the amount if they were sold at retail(MSRP).

There are dozens of minor busts from around the country dealing with counterfeit Super Bowl / NFL items.  

A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security in Arizona said that a man who had about 100 counterfeit Seahawks jerseys on him when he was pulled over during a traffic stop Thursday was from East Wenatchee, Douglas County — not exactly the Seattle area.

The Seattle Times is not naming the 36-year-old man because he was only cited, not arrested, by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Police are ready for more:

“This guy is the first of many, many people we’re likely to see this week,” Cox said. “For this particular individual, he could face criminal prosecution in the state of Arizona.”

And like every other game, there was counterfeit tickets.  Police received reports of customers who bought counterfeit tickets on Craigslist. Keep in mind these tickets cost around $1,000 each. Chances are they will not get a refund, but the police did find the sellers.



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