The top 5 dumbest counterfeiters

Over the years, I have seen many dumb and stupid counterfeiters. Here are some of the top. Listed in no particular order.

Our first story comes from Florida where a currency counterfeiter posts on craigslist:

APRIL 14–A 20-year-old man who allegedly manufactured phony $20 bills in his Florida bedroom is facing federal charges after investigators were tipped to a Craigslist ad he placed offering “Legit counterfeit $$,” according to court records.

Granted he did offer a bargain. He would sell you $5000 of U.S. notes for only $1500.

2. Well, they didn’t really think this through. If you are going to use counterfeit money for purchases, at the very least you should use the money at remote places where no one knows you. counterfeit currency dominos

In a nutshell, an employee at a Domino’s in the town of Porter called the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office last Friday and told them that one of their delivery drivers had been paid with two fake $20 bills. (We don’t know if these fakes were quite as inept as the ones in the College Station attempt linked above, but a gruff, reluctant-to-speak Domino’s employee told us bluntly that they were “bad.”)

Detectives from the CID Property Squad responded to a residence in New Caney where the sham $20s originated — which was not hard to find, seeing as how Domino’s had just taken a pizza there — and arrested 25-year-old Taya Thedford.

3. I am not sure who thought of this idea. At least while in prison, they will have time to rethink their plan. Here we have four counterfeiters who pose as undercover police and forced a Taco Bell employee to hand out counterfeit money. 


Operators of two Taco Bells in upper Manhattan thought “outside the bun” by counterfeiting money and forcing underage workers to give fake $20 bills to customers as change, a lawsuit alleges. To pull off the scheme, both locations scrapped a longtime “no large bills” policy and accepted $50 and $100 bills from customers, so cashiers could distribute the phony $20 bills, the suit says.

Cirino, of Manhattan, claims her daughter was falsely told by bosses that she had accidentally accepted two fake $20 bills from customers — and was ordered to pay it back “out of pocket” or give the bogus cash to unsuspecting customers as change. After two weeks of passing off additional fake bills at management’s request, the teen refused to further participate in the alleged fraud, the suit says.

She was subsequently called into an Aug. 7 meeting, where she was surrounded by four bullying supervisors who claimed undercover detectives from the NYPD were there to arrest her. But her bosses weren’t aware that she was secretly taping the meeting and had already recorded a conversation in which she was ordered to distribute fake bills. “Fearing for her freedom and safety,” she walked straight to a police station afterward, armed with the audiotapes and a fake bill she kept as evidence, the suit says.

“A kind sergeant spent 30 minutes listening . . . and repeatedly reassured her she was never going to be arrested, and there were no undercover cops in the Taco Bell,” the suit says. The owners of both Taco Bell franchises could not be reached for comment.

4. I don’t even know what to think. I know hotel toilets are usually top notch to avoid having to plunge them, but they are not designed to flush $2.7 million worth of casino chips. down.

Then with only 27 players left play was suspended after numerous players raised suspicions over what appeared to be fake 5,000-denomination tournament chips mixed in amongst the real ones. After a 24-hour investigation Borgata officials and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement concluded that the contest would have to be cancelled pending further investigation. They revealed that more than 800,000 in additional 5k counterfeit chips had been added to the field.

With 27 players left in limbo and $1.4m in prize money yet to be handed out (including a first prize of over $372k), it seemed tracking down the culprits would be an impossible task. Whilst the DGE and Borgata officials continued their investigation, hotel guests at Harrah’s Atlantic City Resort began to complain of leaking pipes in their hotel rooms. The plumbers were called in to deal with the complaint and found $2.7m worth of poker chips trapped the pipes originating in the room belonging to Christian Lusardi. New Jersey State police were called in to investigate and the Day 1B chip leader was arrested at a nearby motel.

5. Perhaps he was thinking that selling outside of a courthouse would hide any suspicious of him selling counterfeit DVD.

Travis Townsend, 27, was spotted selling the DVDs in front of the Hamilton County Courthouse on Monday afternoon. Deputies said they found 221 counterfeit DVDs in Townsend’s backpack, along with an iPod Touch that had been reported stolen. Townsend is being held on charges of receiving stolen property and trademark counterfeiting.

Well these are some of the stories I have seen. There are many more, but these make the top list.



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