Trust but verify. Nuns, Congressman using counterfeit money

There is a saying in the military, trust but verify. What does that mean? It means that even if you trust someone, your commander, your section, etc,  you should still verify the information they give you. They could make a mistake, or they may even have lied to you. I use the same motto for many things. Like when I buy merchandise. I really pay attention when it comes to currency. Just because the retailer is legit, does not mean they know the product they sold is fake.  Just because you trust or know someone, it does not mean they may try to rip you off with counterfeit currency.

You would like to think that elected leaders and members or a Nun would not attempt to rip you off with counterfeit money. But it does happen. Hence the motto ‘trust but verify’. Here a woman poses as a nun and uses fake currency. Twice the fakes I guess, a fake nun and fake money.
Recently the FBI, the Secret Service and other law enforcement are going after South Carolina representative Andy Patrick for having over $3,500 in counterfeit bills.

Branson police are looking for a woman who was dressed as a nun and passed counterfeit money at a local business.

The Dutton Family Theatre reported the woman used a counterfeit $50 at Abby’s Tourist Trap July 22.

“For some reason … the crime de jour, if you will, of the summer seems to be counterfeit money,” said Branson Police Assistant Chief Stan Dobbins. “I don’t know why. We’ve caught a few people with counterfeit money and the devices to make it, but obviously we must not have caught them all yet.”

Dobbins said there doesn’t seem to be a pattern in the people who are using the fake cash or the currency they use. Via bransontrilakesnews

So it seems like the people using this funny money change appearance. Just because someone looks like a Nun, it does not make them one. Even if it were a real Nun, you should always verify the money they gave you. The simple tests such as looking for the hologram can easily cut getting counterfeit money by a huge percent. Using pens, not so much. Those are easy to fool. Spraying hairspray on paper mimics the real currency pen test.

Well I guess that was not as bad a a elected member of congress using counterfeit currency. From TheState

Officials from the FBI and Secret Service traveled to Hilton Head Island earlier this month to obtain documents removed from Andy Patrick’s files by his estranged wife, Amee. She had gone through the files, which Andy Patrick had left in the couple’s former home at 17 Timbercrest off Spanish Wells Road, in order to support allegations she has made against him in their divorce case.

FBI agents picked up from Amee Patrick what they described as “possible” counterfeit U.S. bills totaling $3,710 — Andy Patrick acknowledged Wednesday that the money was indeed counterfeit — as well as various other documents, according to records. Secret Service agents described the documents as “law enforcement sensitive information.”

Available records don’t specify what the CIA is interested in, but a paragraph in an affidavit Amee Patrick filed in Beaufort County Family Court says she believes money supplied by the CIA was funneled through Andy Patrick’s security firm, Advance Point Global, and distributed to people “oconus” — government shorthand for “outside the continental U.S.”

The agents who visited Hilton Head — two from the Secret Service and two from the FBI — did not return phone calls seeking comment on their interest in the material Amee Patrick had gathered. Nor did spokesmen for the agencies in Washington.

The FBI agents collected documents from Amee Patrick on Feb. 6, according to a property receipt they gave her. The receipt listed eight items, including a “FedEx package containing $2,500 (Possible) counterfeit” and a second batch of “(Possible) Counterfeit money” totaling $1,210. Other material the agents took was identified as Secret Service documents and paperwork relating to entities with whom Andy Patrick had business relationships.

Kinda sad. Luckily he was caught. Are other members of congress engaged in this behavior? We will never know until they get caught. If they do…



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