Watch Rare Lil Bush Video. Full Walter Reed Episode.


I remember watching this show back when it was on Comedy Central. I loved the show. I wish they had made more episodes. One of the rarest episodes is from Season 1, Episode 7 named “Walter Reed”. It was never put on TV and was only available on the Season 1 DVD release. The DVDs are crazy expensive since they don’t make them anymore and this show has a lot of fans.

Finally someone uploaded a copy online. Enjoy. Took me forever to find a copy.

Episode summary:

Lil’ Bush and his gang put on a concert at the nearby Walter Reed veteran’s hospital, which accidentally brings media attention to the atrocious conditions there. As punishment, he and the gang must raise money for repairs, which the eventually spend on themselves. Featuring Henry Rollins as the voice of an injured veteran that Lil’ Bush knicknames “Halfsy”.



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