Why you should not boost your page on Facebook. The self defeating algorithm.

I don’t remember how I got it, but I had a free $50 Facebook advertisement credit back in 2014. Back then I was starting up my current business, stigmasearch.com. I created all the major social media page, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

I had never created a Facebook page for a business and managed it before, so I was clueless on how their algorithm worked. I thought it was logical. That if someone liked your page that it would act like a subscription.

Boy, was I wrong.

When you follow someone on Twitter, you see all their updates. When you subscribe on Youtube, you get all their new video. That is how almost all sites work. Facebook decided to due it a different way.

On Facebook, when a page makes a post, it sends the post to a few of your likes. If it catches on, they send it to a few more. If it is popular they send it to more of your page likes. However if the first people do not show much interest, Facebook assumes the rest will show no interest either.
I used the $50 credit to get the first likes on the page which was a big mistake. As shown countless times, the likes usually come from click farms located in the Middle East and India. Mine were no different.

I looked at the likes I was getting and they were all people with Middle Eastern names, half spelt in Arabic. Just as the video linked above talks about.

Now since these likes were from people who have no interest in my posts or business, when I post they show no interest. This means since they were the bulk of my likes, the real likes from people who wanted to follow me never saw anything.

Which brings me to my point? Why spend money on Facebook to boost your page when all it does is destroy your page?

I had about 475 likes. About 450 were from the paid boost and the rest were genuine people who liked the page. That means whenever I posted, statistically the click farm would get my posts and they show no interest in them. The Facebook algorithm then stops showing my posts. My genuine followers do not get to see anything.

Facebook destroyed my page with their free credit. Never will I use their boost system again. I deleted my old page and started a new one.



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